Aché's portfolio is one of its greatest assets and is constantly evolving. Every year, the company earmarks about 10% of the cash generation to R&D initiatives, aiming at embedding new technologies and knowledge. 

Achievements include the anti-inflammatory Acheflan® (Cordia verbenacea), the first 100% Brazilian drug, launched in 2005, and Sintocalmy®(Passiflora incarnata), another phytotherapeutic product launched in 2010, which is aimed at treating mild to moderate anxiety. 

The management comprises pure innovation projects (radical and incremental research) and development initiatives. Some of them are described below. 



Aché has established a partnership with laboratories Hypermarcas, EMS and União Química for the creation of the joint-venture Bionovis SA, a Brazilian biopharmaceutical company. 

Bionovis' main objectives are the research, development, production, distribution and marketing of biotech drugs.

The company's forecasted investments may reach R$ 500 million over the next five years and each member shall hold a 25% share of the total capital stock of the new company. 

This partnership enables Aché to participate in a market of great interest to the Brazilian public health, as well as to collaborate for the technological independence of Brazil in the biotechnology sector. 

This is another pioneering initiative of Aché's, which demonstrates its commitment with the development of science and sustainability of the business.